Before the time of the Ryoshun Shogunate there was the Genki Family and they were ruled by a man called 'Minamoto Genki.' The families surrounding his numbered 7 and with a quick wit along with cunning tactics he united the 7 clans under one banner, however Minamoto didn't live very long to see how his clan would turn out. After uniting the 7 clans he was assassinated by several rebels that came from one of the families he had conquered. Luckily there was only one family he had to conquer by force and because of that the rebels were put down, Minamoto was put to rest and his son 'Yamato Genki' soon took over as the leader. However young Yamato lacked his father's persuasion, and when he tried to have 2 other families join his clan they took it as a threat. War broke out and in the end the Genki Clan came out on top. With 10 families united under one banner they settled down in the southern end of the islands.

Even though the old members settled down the newer ones tend not to stay in one place for very long. Many members of the Genki Clan can be found in foreign areas. Foreign names have been introduced to the Clan because of this, such ones include Ted, Eduardo, Rico, Johnny and Sam. Although the Clan is not widely known for fighting prowess many know them because of the Code Of Honor they uphold. Those who are part of the clan and fail to uphold the Code tend to have more honorable members try to hunt them down, however there are scatterings who disgraced the Genki Clan that are unknown to those who hunt people like them down.