A country situated far to the west of Nihon, across an ocean and a perilous continent. As of late, Albion has been setting up embassies and colonies throughout other nearby nations, and has opened trade and contact with the courts of Nihon. Those few Albionese found outside of Nihon's port cities are probably diplomats and their bodyguards.



Albion HeirarchyEdit


King and Queens (Windthropes/Marriage) Current Ruler: Queen Abigail IV

Prince and Princesses (Windthropes/Marriage, when the ruling king or queen dies, the eldest prince of princess takes over, their spouse becomes a king/queen consort.)

Lords and Ladies (May marry Princes and Princesses, 7 families, one for each State)

Dukes and Duchesses (May marry Lords and Ladies, Numerous families, one for each District [States have variable amount of Districts])

Barons and Baronesses (May marry Dukes and Duchesses, Many families, one for each county [Districts have a variable amount of counties]


Governors (Rule over States or colonies, they are either lords, or work in the lords stead [either commoner or another royal family]) Senators (Part of the Senate, 2 state, commonly royal.) Mayor (Leader of a town, usually a baron, may be commoner if there are no other Barons in the county.) Commoners (May be elected to senate, or marry into Barony)