The central playing area and namesake of the game Nihon Nights, the land of Nihon is an Archipelago of over 100 islands each housing an incredible number of clans and noble families. They are currently ruled by Empress Mizushima Kazue, though they are embroiled in a fierce civil war that has been going on for thirty-five years.

The IslandsEdit

  • Yezo, The largest of the northernmost islands. Contains the homeland of Clan Tokaku, as well as acting as a base of power Clan Genki and a rather large outpost for the Shogunate. Linked to Yamahisa through an underwater rail system.
  • Yamahisa, the main land, containing the ancestral home of the Morikano Family, the Ryoshun Clan, and the Taiyo Clan. Linked to Yezo through an underwater rail system.
  • And others...