Located at the base of Fuyusan in Yezo, the town of Moto Fuyucho is only a small ways away from the border between Tokaku and Ryoshun land in Yezo. It is located at the dead center of Yezo. A mining town first and foremost, its primary export is coal and metals such as iron, copper, and steel. It is home to one of the main Tokaku Family Temples, as well as a garrison for Tokaku troops.

Moto Fuyucho is currently under the jurisdiction of Chief Magistrate Tokaku Seiji, the second son of the Daimyo of the Tokaku clan.

Places of InterestEdit

People of InterestEdit

  • Tokaku Seiji, Chief Magistrate, Taisa, Second Son of Daimyo Tokaku
  • Yuki Jun, Kuso and Childhood Friend of the Chief Magistrate, Chui
  • Tokaku Kouta, Chui
  • Tokaku Riku, Chui
  • Tokaku Miyako, Chui (a female samurai)
  • Jiro, Hatamoto and Bodyguard to Seiji, Chui
  • Yuki Shinju, Okasan of the Warm Hearth
  • Tokaku Michi, the Jushoku of Chikara-ji