Shiranuka is a coastal city of moderate size located in North East Yezo. It is a part of the small portion of Northern Yezo under control of the Ryoshun Shogunate. It is connected to the village of Sumeru by a dirt path or the Yezo Sun Rail, both traveling through the Yukimatsu Forest. It is a common destination of travelers for its gambling dens, Inazuma Railway, and Steam Ships.

Shiranuka is presently under the jurisdiction of Chief Magistrate Ryoshun Saburo, a nephew of the current Shogun. It acts as the training ground and launching point for many of the Shogunates armies in Yezo and nearby regions. In spite of, or because of, this, crime rates are high.



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People of InterestEdit

  • Ryoshun Saburo, Chief Magistrate, Chui
  • Takeshi, Oyabun of the Kyosei-kai
  • Atsushi, Oyabun of the Oyamma-Ika
  • Masami, Okasan of the Maneki Neko