Sumeru is a small city/large village located near the northern edge of the island of Yezo. It is part of the small portion of Northern Yezo under direct control of the Ryoshun Shogunate. At a cross-roads of sorts, though nevertheless still somewhat out of the way, Sumeru is a prime example of the anachronistic technology found in the world. Train tracks run through the center of the town, past fields of rice and an ancient temple.

Sumeru is presently under the jurisdiction of Magistrate Ryoshun Hajime.



Places of InterestEdit

People of InterestEdit

  • Ryoshun Hajime: Magistrate
  • Ryoshun Takashi: The Magistrate's Son
  • Kitsune Ken'Ichi: Kuso of the Magistrate
  • Moretsu Nobunaga: Gunso, Hatamoto to Ryoshun Hajime
  • Moretsu Taichiro: Nikutai, Hatamoto to Ryoshun Hajime
  • Dai: Hatamoto to Ryoshun Hajime

The DeceasedEdit

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