The largest of the northern-most islands of Nihon, Yezo is the homeland of the Tokaku Clan as well as a base of power for Clan Genki. The Shogunate controls its North-Easternmost lands. Predominantly hilly and covered by vegetation, particularly the Yukimatsu Forest, many of Yezo's villages are surprisingly behind the times technologically speaking. Beginning near the center of the island and moving south is the Fuyusan Range, known for its blistering and cold winds.

It is connected to the mainland of Yamahisa by The Inazuma Rail.


Place holder.

Geography and TopographyEdit

With long winters, short summers, violent autums, and gentle springs, Yezo is about 80,000km2 or 30,000 square miles. It boasts a series of large and dense pine forests, many of which are in fact simply smaller portions of the great Yukimatsu Forest, as well as a number of sprawling hills. There is also, of course, the great Fuyusan Range.

The Yukimatsu ForestEdit

A great pine forest spread from the northernmost to the southernmost coast of Yezo, the Yukimatsu forest is, oddly, actually a series of smaller forests bearing the same name. The Yukimatsu, along with other less famous forests, is what separates most villages and towns from each other.

The Fuyusan RangeEdit

A range of mountains, the peak of which is found on Fuyusan, at the dead center of Yezo, which nearly splits the south-eastern and south-western portions of Yezo in half save for the occasional valley or pass. It is from the Fuyusan Range which Yezo's violent winters often arise, and it is the Fuyusan Range from which Yezo's most famous temple system, the Isao Temples, take their name.


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Tokaku SettlementsEdit